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About TechFox


TechFox ushered in the 21st century by getting its feet wet managing a large university's IT operations. From there we moved on to supporting small and midsize businesses, to meet and exceed their technology needs.


As everyone chilled out from "Y2K" fears, we launched into being the most proactive IT choice for our clients. We did our homework and began to formulate the type of service and support that did just what it was supposed to do: help you work SMARTER. A happy client is one whom you don't have to hear from that often. Our small but mighty team works with precision and clarity to get the job done.

Our Mission

At TechFox our mission is simple: Make technology an asset for your company and not a problem. Too many IT firms recommend solutions that are not appropriate, or do not take your day to day operations into their planning. By providing proactive and comprehensive information technology solutions, we make things run smoothly. We strive to make technology integrate seamlessly, so your business can grow efficiently. As your technology partner, when your business grows ours will grow with you. Therefore, we will work hand in hand with you to support your growth.

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Why TechFox?

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    Have you ever been stressed out by your systems not working like they should? Our proactive approach to supporting and managing computer networks will prevent problems from happening and alleviate your stress.

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    Have you ever spent countless hours trying to get your systems running optimally? When you choose TechFox, we do that for you and you can put those hours towards your profitability.

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    A successful business is a smart business. Our approach to the design, implementation, and support of your IT infrastructure makes it secure, reliable, and efficient. That’s the smart approach to a successful network.

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    with Expertise For 20+ years we have helped various sized companies in a multitude of industries. Over that period we have become experts in numerous fields; for example, healthcare. TechFox is now one of a small group of HIPAA Verified IT consultants in our area.

HIPAA Compliance Verification
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